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Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel® TRX

Ram trucks heeft de tegenhanger van de Raptor op stapel staan. Mail ons en we houden u op de hoogte wanneer deze super pick-up beschikbaar zal zijn.

Merk:Dodge Ram
Type:Ram 1500 Rebel® TRX ( concept)
Kilometer stand:0
Prijs:Prijs op aanvraag


  • Ram 1500 Rebel Concept model. 
  • Alternatief voor / Alternativ for / alternative pour Ford F150 SVT Raptor


Spercharged 6.2-Liter HEMI® V8 Engine

  • With 575 horsepower, the Ram 1500 Rebel®TRX will be the most powerful factory-engineered half-ton pickup ever to be made—capable of tearing up the pavement at speeds greater than 100 mph.
  • This force will not be messed with. A distinctive Ram front grille, steel bumpers and an acute hourglass body design complement huge fender wells that embody aggressiveness.
Spectacular interior
  • With specially designed suede seats that cling to cloth, the distinctive six-point Racing Harness for every passenger and the paddle shifter to keep you in control, the TRX will be specially designed to keep the entire crowd planted and in comfort.
Off-Road Suspension
  • Using a link coil rear suspension system only shared with the fastest off-road trucks in desert racing, the available 4X4 Performance Control System will allow you to gain traction over five terrain modes.

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