Armoring US cars, SUV's asnd pick up trucks

Armored cars customized

USA Car Import also provides with a specialized company the armoring of your car.

We do not deliver to war zones.

The most common armor is that for level B4, where the driver and passengers are protected against bullets from small arms including the UZI and Scorpion.

The B4 level does not protect against the impact of an Uzi (B6)

It is possible to discreetly plant and equip an American SUV, sedan or pickup truck with a vehicle tracking system.

The various modifications which can be applied are:

  • Installing a protective cocoon for driver and passengers, means and fuel tank reinforcing doors, beams and roof.
  • Applying bulletproof glass (20 mm) as well as adjustments to the window mechanism and panel.
  • It is also possible to give windows an extra protective function against impact by mounting a special anti-impact film. This film protects against impact but not against bullets.
  • Protecting the ground against hand grenades, niveai DN51
  • Mounting of run-flat tires
  • Installation of electronics such as: siren, flashing lights, stop sign (for government services and police)
  • Mounting of mobile phones, voice and video equipment.
  • The installation of a system that protects against possible gas attack is so expensive that clients often refrain from this modification.

The degrees of protection level of cars is according to worldwide standard.

Protection lebels light armoured cars:

  • Handgun/Pistol Protection - T4 (NIJ IIIA/European B4)
  • High-power Rifle Protection - T6 (NIJ III/European B6+)
  • Armor-piercing Rifle Protection - T7 (NIJ IV/European B7 Single-Shot)
  • Extra Armor-piercing Rifle Protection - T8 (NIJ IV+/European B7 Multi-Shot)

Prices on request

Armored cars customized

Import calculation € 45

Import calculation € 45

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  • VAT and import duties
  • Registration costs
  • BPM calculation (Holland)
  • Also for other countries in Europe
  • And world-wide of course
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