Global Dealer Buyer Service

As a well known World-Wide Car Export Ccmpany, we offer dealers and professionals our exclusive "Global Dealer Buyer Service" and a safe solution from wholesale to retail.

We can supply new vehicles and high quality (pre-owned) cars and trucks.
The difference with other suppliers and 'automatic online purchase systems' is that:

  1. we personally inspect the vehicles for you
  2. we buy from the best quality pre-owned stock 
  3. we know where to get new vehicules at the best price


You tell us what you want to buy and we check with our suppliers where we can make the best deal for you. This can be in the USA, Canada or in Mexico. Or a car which is already in stock in Europe.


Our experienced buyer is every week at the largest and best car auction in Florida US, where the best quality cars are sold between professionals.

Every week between 7.000 and 10.000 cars are auctioned. From the many professionals present, we are one of the few who have its own golf cart to look at the vehicules before purchasing them.


  • We buy cars from (brand)- dealers, leasing- and rental companies, manufacturers etc
  • There are also closed auction for brand dealers only. We can buy there as well to ensure you will get the best cars available.

We do not believe in fully automatic and advanced buying systems. Because despite all the fancy technology, you may still end up with a problem car.  What is comes down to is that only a very experienced buyer can select and buy the best possible car for you. And that is precisely wat we do!

We therfore provide the best service in:

  • Selecting vehicules and sending all elements to you before the auction.
  • Inspecting, bidding within the agreed budget, buying, reconditioning.
  • We do post inspection on request to have a 100% purchase protection.
  • Transport world-wide and homologation ( in Europe)

IMPORTANT: as our buying team has an extensive network, we can in many cases offer cars before they go to the auction, to insure the best quality and a better price to you.

After purchase we ship the car to our facilities in Fort Lauderdale and thereafter to any destination in the world. In close cooperation with our preferred logistics partners and insurance company.

After sales services:

  • reconditioning
  • homologation
  • programming of navigation
  • installing GPL, etc etc

Are you  ready for the best buying service ? We are ready for you ! 

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Global Dealer Buyer Service

Import calculation € 45

Import calculation € 45

  • Found a car yourself?
  • Calculation of costs for purchase, insurance, road transport and sea transport
  • VAT and import duties
  • Registration costs
  • BPM calculation (Holland)
  • Also for other countries in Europe
  • And world-wide of course
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