"Gelijkvormogheidsattest" for non EU import vehicle

Individual type approval for Belgium or France

USA Car Import provides individual type approval/homologation for all cars for Belgium and for France.

Before we purchase a car for you in the USA we check if it is possible to "homologate" your car for registration in Belgium, Luxembourg, France or Monaco.

Even if you have a European or American car, we can help you with the complicated process of an individual type approval for Belgium and France.


Q: I bought a European model car, which is originally from America or Canada.
Can you provide a Europeam Certificate of Conformity ( COC) for Belgium or France? (=Gelijkvormorgheidsattest)

A: A certificate of conformity is a manufacturer's declaration for a car produced for the European market (European Certificate of Conformity).. In this case your car is not produced for the European market, has different specifications and there is no EU Certificate of Conformity.

Q: What is the solution?

A: Belgium: The solution is that your car undergoes an individual type approval, also called "homologation procedure". this procedure consists of:
- Adapting the lighting, if necessary, in accordance with European legislation
- Homologation inspection, obtaining a complete technical file
- Then the car is inspected twice in Belgium, after which the final report is obtained with which your insurance agent can take care of the license plate. 

Q: What are the costs?

A: The cost varies by brand and type of car. For Belgium, cars before 2007 € 1,500 excluding VAT. Cars after 2007 € 2,750 excluding VAT + the cost of modifications to lighting if necessary (fog lamp, reversing lights).

A: In France, a similar homologation inspection takes place, the cost of which is between €2,500 and €4,500 excluding VAT, excluding any costs such as purchase of European headlights and tires.

Beware: many refurbished damage/ex-total-loss cars are offered in countries such as Germany and Poland. Also vehicles originally from North America, You do not see that in most cases. The inspector does. The vehicle then has to undergo a pre-inspection by a brand dealer, with a chance of rejection And in France there is a good chance that the car will be rejected.

The work for our Belgian clients is done in cooperation with our Belgian homologation partner.  In a professional workshop, the car is prepared for the inspection.

For France, we homologate cars in collaboration with our local partners and can also provide provisional and final license plates for cars. 

We can also help you by saving with additional services, such as:

conversion to light cargo
Installation of LPG installation ( Prins brand, from the Netherlands!)
Purchase and installation of accessories, such as tow bar, tonneau/bucket flip/rollcover/hardtop for pickup
European adaptation of the American navigation.
At USA Car Import you are at the right place as a dealer and private person.

We are happy to help you.

Individual type approval for Belgium or France

Import calculation € 45

Import calculation € 45

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  • Calculation of costs for purchase, insurance, road transport and sea transport
  • VAT and import duties
  • Registration costs
  • BPM calculation (Holland)
  • Also for other countries in Europe
  • And world-wide of course
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