USA Car Import is the global specialist in the international import and export of new and pre-owned vehicles from North America for (brand) dealers and automotive retailers.


We can deliver you the best and most beautiful cars from the United States, Canada and Mexico at wholesale rate: cars, crossovers, SUV's, pick up trucks, trucks and vans, armoured cars, hearses / funeral cars, ambulances, trucks with cabine and chassis, mobile homes, etc.

USA Car Import Dealer Buyer Service

A unique service for professional dealers worldwide

  • With the USA Car Import Dealer Buyer Service we provide the best vehicles for the best price.
  • We are your hands, eyes and ears in Florida with 25 years of experience in professional car buying.
  • We hunt for the suitable vehicle for you, propose it with all details and Carfax and only buy when you and we are 100% satisfied.
  • Due to the good climate, a large wealthy population, the nicest véhicules are Florida vehicles.
  • Our professional buyers team visits weekly the Manheims Orlando Auction
  • At Manheim Orlando each week 7.000 – 10.000 vehicles are auctioned
  • Our buyers team offers over 25 years of experience in supplying vehicles to brand dealers.
  • We guarantee: only vehicles with low miles, clean Carfax, personally inspected
  • USA Car Import’s Dealer Buyer Service only gets is véhicules from sunny Florida

The secure way of getting the best quality vehicle you can imagine.

We only buy vehicles from reliable sources, such as: Leasing & finance companies, Brand dealers & individuals, Manheim’s professional car auction

A Simple and clear purchasing procedure

Briefing, agreement, deposit

  1. You inform us what vehicle(s) you want to buy ( brand, type, colour, specs, etc.)
  2. We estimate the price delivered to your dealership of the nearest homologation facility in Europe;
  3. Signing search and import agreement and payment of deposit of 15%

Local searching the perfect vehicle and proposing them to you

  1. We propose véhicules to you with photos, description and Carfax
  2. If you like a vehicle, we only buy it if for you it is perfect, within the agreed or at a better price for you. We only buy after your approval
  3. We recondition each vehicle in and outside in our Fort Lauderdale wholesale facility
  4. You will receive photos of the detailed vehicle, copy of title and the insurance certificate.
  5. If we do not buy a vehicle for you, the deposit will be refunded

Paying for vehicle  excluding transport, import duties and VAT

  1. After receiving payment of the agreed price, excluding import duties and VAT, the vehicle will be shipped.
  2. You will receive the proof of transport insurance and copy of Bill of Lading (BOL)

Paying import duties / VAT and transport upon arrival in Europe

  1. Post cost, import duties and VAT to be paid upon arrival in Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, Le Havre , Southampton or Barcelone.
  2. After arrival in Europe we can assist with land transport, homologation, adapting navigation, etc
  3. We contractually guarantee a car which is in perfect condition

Services which can be arranged in Europe

  1. Programming radio frequencies and navigation for Europe ( for most vehicles)
  2. Homologation / individual type approval
  3. LPG / GPL, to wbar, accessories for pick-up trucks, etc

USA Car Import Dealer Support is the is best guarantee to get the best vehicle, in the best condition with the lowest miles / km at the best price.

Regarding pre-owned cars: we buy only the best quality available and with low mileage and clean Carfax. Personally inspected. Please contact us for wholsesales rates and the dealer login for dealer prices for new and pre-owned cars.

Your car wholesale partner world-wide

  • In Florida we have our own team of purchasers. They are managed by our regional manager, who brings 30 years of experience in buying and selling quality and low mileage cars.
  • Due to the extensive network in the US, Canada and Mexico, we can find almost any car for our clients.All young pre-owned cars cars have Factory WarrantyCARFAX and are in many cases Dealer Certified Cars;
  • We do not only buy American cars but also European and Japanese models, such as Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Bentley, Porsche, Lexus, Nissan and Toyota.
  • This is why car professionals throughout Europe work with us as wholesale partner!

Cheaper than buying overseas yourselves

  • We work with small margins.
  • Cars can be delivered between 4 -  5 weeks.

Wholesale rates

  • We can provide with a wholesale rate for the vehicles you may need.
  • We have negotiated low transport rates and can deliver cars anywhere in the world.

Easy import

  • It is possible to provide cars with European papers, so that is easy to import the cars into Belgium, France, Spain and other European countries as well as to other continents.

Easy ordering

  • You just inform us which car you want to buy, what color, year and maximum mileage and which minimal options.
  • We provide you with a maximum price, If we can buy the car cheaper, you will receive a refund.
  • Once you have ordered though us, you will keep ordering cars!

Each week our buyer visits the Manheim Auction in Orlando, to buy vehicles for our clients.

The advantages of buying Wholesale & Fleet Vehicles from USA Car Import

Buying without USA Car Import

Buying with the help of USA Car Import
Searching via internetWe find the nicest cars before anybody else
Buying unseesWe inspect and guarantee a good quality car
Buying based only on sellers infoWe contractually guarentee a perfect car
Buying from auction, unseenWe are present weekly at different auctions
Buying from a US dealer We buy at whole sale price from dealers
 We have fleet discount for several brands
Buying rental cars and get average carsWe buy the nicest from rental / leasing companies
Not possible to buy from private personsWe also hunt for cars from private sellers in the US and in particular in South Florida, when the best quality cars can be found
Time consuming and expensive transportWe provide affordable shipping and insurance
Organise custums and homologation yourselvesWe arrange customs clearance, German Brief and 
No garantee on carUSA Car Import garantees the quality and history of the car, no damage, accidents or previous paintwork
Contact somewhere in the USA or CanadaCoordinating office in Amsterdam and joint-venture partner in the US and profesional buyer in Canada

We look forward to do business with you.

Email info@usa-car-import.com

Phone + 31 20 470 89 65


Import calculation € 45

Import calculation € 45

  • Found a car yourself?
  • Calculation of costs for purchase, insurance, road transport and sea transport
  • VAT and import duties
  • Registration costs
  • BPM calculation (Holland)
  • Also for other countries in Europe
  • And world-wide of course
Need a calculation?