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Import safely

Why do professionals and consumers choose USA-Car-Import.com ?

  • We deliver high quality cars quickly and at a good price;
  • 30 years of purchasing experience
    • We buy better cars at better prices; with more options and lower mileage;
  • We have no overheads or expensive showrooms;
  • All cars come with the original "CARFAX" detailing mileage, number of owners and certifying that the car has never been damaged;
  • We inspect all cars personally and only buy the best available;
  • Most of our (pre-owned) cars come with factory warranty;
  • Most of the cars are certified dealer cars, and because of this our unique guarantee:

"If we deliver a car that is not what we promised, you will receive your money back!"

 Our advice: don't just buy a car from the internet. Work with a specialist who will deliver guaranteed quality!

 Here you will find information about our working methods and how to order a car from us.

 You will receive from us the cars which we propose to  you

  • The clean Carfax and maintenance history
  • Photos and all details
  • Our opinion of the car after having inspected it

We only buy a car if you, the client, and we are 100% satisfied

  • When we have boughtthe car after you gave us the green light, we will make more photos when it is has arrived at our facility in Fort Lauderdale.
  • You will also receive a copy of the transport - insurance documents




Before the purchase you will receive the Carfax with the history of the car.

And ofcouse our opinion, because we personally inspect the car for you.

Our purchaser is very selective and only buys the best availalable  car. Or fourse not before you have gingen your approval first.





And before you car goes in the container for shipping, we insure it for damage and theft. You will get a copy of the contract.
We do not take any risk with your car. The car is fully insured until you will pick it up in Europe.





Fast delivery trucks and cars from stock in USA, Canada and Europe

  • USA Car Import delivers fast cars from stock or from US / Canada.
  • Through our extensive network, we can quickly find any desired car and offer you at wholesale price.
  • Great discount on cars through competitive funding , no overhead and low wholesale margin.
  • We find almost every car quickly for you.
  • We distribute world-wide

GMC Canyon pick up 2,8 Duramax diesel

  • A real American pick-up but with a fuel economic 2,8 4 cyl diesel engine
  • From the GM stables Chevrolet offers the Colorado equivalent