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Before you contact us, we encourage you to read this page carefully


Below you will find information about:

1. Global cost of importing a car from the US of Canada.

2. The search and purchase order.

3. The payment procedure for an import car.

4. The payment procedure for new cars we offer from stock.

Global cost of importing a car from the US

The cost of the car is only a part of the total cost.
Here is an indication of the costs to import a car from America.

  • The sum paid for the car ( invoice from a dealer or private person).
  • Transportation in the US to the harbor ($ 1 - 1,25 per mile).
  • Sea transportation in a sea container: varies between $ 1.450 for a small car until $ 1.950 for a large car 
  • Import duties 10% for a car and pick-up ( when lenght of the bin is less than 50% of the lenght of the wheelbase)
  • Import duties are 22% for a truck, including pick-ups with a bin longer that than 50% of the lenght of the wheelbase).
  • Importduties are 2,7% for a boat and 7% for a motorcycle, depending on the country). 
  • Transportation insurance: 1,2 % of the value of the car plus € 35 insurance contract / administration
  • Harbour and customs clearance cost upon arrival € 550
  • VAT / TVA amount isdepending on the country or arrival - destination.
  • Transport from arrival harbor to client or technical station for registration and homologation procedure.

A very intresting exception to the above applies for original classic car older than 30 years !

  • When a car is still original and older than 30 years, importduties are 0% and VAT only 6% !!
  • USA Car Import will supply its client with a declaration that importduties and VAT has been paid when entering into the EU.

Cost of Homologation and registation in Europe (Excluding TVA/Tax/TVA)

  • German Registration € 1.450 + € 300 technical changes.
  • French registration & homologation € 4.000 - 4.500.
  • Holland € 1.200 - € 2.500 + technical changes estimate € 300 BTW + BPM.
  • Belgium Registration € 2.700 excluding individual taxes.

The search and purchase order for a new or pre-owned ( occasion) car.

You want us to look for and purchase a new or a perfect pre-owned low-miles car in Florida? Then give us a search and / or  purchase order.

  • We draft a clear contract in which it is agreed that we search and buy the best available car at the best price.  You benefit from our extensive knowledge and local network.
  • We select, inspect and propose the vehicle(s) to you and we buy it if you are fully happy with it.
  • You will receive photo's and a description before we buy the car.
  • We only buy the car if you as client and we as your local experts are 100% satisfied.
  • The car is personally inspected by us and we contractually guarantee a good car, with the desired specifications.
  • If the car has still factory warranty, we will bring it to the dealer for a full check-up. In the case something is not 100%, the dealer will change or repair this under factory warranty.
  • All pre-owned cars are without damage, well maintained, low miles (or new), with maintenance and instruction booklets, 2 sets of keys, etc).
  • If we do not find a suitable car for you within 4 weeks, we will pay back your deposit minus € 175.

Payment procedure for an import vehicle via our services

Because we are a specialized import company and not a dealer or garage, you pay in 4 terms  instead of 1 term.

  • Payment 1: Deposit 10 - 20% upon signing of purchase order.
  • Payment 2: 2nd payment of the car when it arrives in Europe and/or before it leavings the U.S. ( this can vary case by case).
  • Payment 3: Import duties and VAT you pay after the arrival of the car in Europe.
  • Payment 4: A 4th payment is required in the case we arrange the local transportation and registration (title). We can arrange the complete registration in Belgium, France, Germany and Holland. For other countries, we can provide a German title ( KFZ Brief) which enables you to get a local registration or we can deliver the car with the original American tile or MSO.

* Before paying you will have photo's, copy of title / MSO, copy of transport insurance document. Furthermore, you will receive a "track & trace" code to follow the container with your car on internet.

Payment procedure of a car from stock in the EU

  • Some new cars, such as pick-ups are available within 1 of 2 weeks week.
  • For these cars we ask a prepayment of 15% and the remainder on delivery.
  • Contact us for the discount prices on the new: Dodge Pick-Up, Ford F150, Chevrolet Avalanche and others.

 When our buyer is going to look for a suitable car for you, we will keep you informed about each step.

You will receive a report with information and history check about car. We only buy when you tell us to buy the car.

We are the only Car Import Company which will garantee the quality of the car:

as we have inspected it personally specially before buying it for you.

We do not sell cars: we buy a car for you!


Fast delivery trucks and cars from stock in USA, Canada and Europe

  • USA Car Import delivers fast cars from stock or from US / Canada.
  • Through our extensive network, we can quickly find any desired car and offer you at wholesale price.
  • Great discount on cars through competitive funding , no overhead and low wholesale margin.
  • We find almost every car quickly for you.
  • We distribute world-wide

American Airstream style aluminum caravan / food truck

  • We supply brand new hand crafted aluminum trailers - caravanes for foodtruck, event, hospitality and b&b purposes.
  • Better than the US trailers: alvanised chassis, EU axle(s) and brakes.