Ford Maverick pick-up

July 26th 2020 Ford Maverick pick-up
  • The Ford Maverick pickup is expected to be available in the autumn of 2021 (model 2022), as part of a number of new cars to be launched in 2022. It will be a new compact pickup with probably a lot of horsepower.
  • At this moment the information about the new car is limited. The car is expected to be positioned under the Ford Ranger.
  • It is expected that the car will share the platform with the Ford Bronco Sport, with the 1.5 L Ecoboost turbo engine and the 2.0 L Ecoboost engine. It is expected that the engines will be coupled to an 18 spigot automatic gearbox with standard front wheel drive or as an option to all four wheels as an AWD version.
  • The car can be imorted on special order by USA Car Import.l